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Discover how to Skyrocket your career faster than you knew possible with the secrets hidden inside ‘Get A Big Raise Guaranteed.’  Through my rewarding experiences in coaching many graduates and undergraduates, I realized how they ‘majored in minor things’ yet when it came to important things like blasting their career from student to CEO they didn’t have a clue.  ‘Get A Big Raise Guaranteed’ will shave years off your learning curve leaving everyone else wondering how you did it.  As we all know the job market is tough, as there is an influx of people and a reducing number of jobs.  You spend years of your time and thousands of dollars to become highly qualified hoping that this will greatly increase your chances in the job market.  ‘Get A Big Raise Guaranteed’ will secure you a job for the rest of your life.  Opportunities will gush your way as you become more talented and implement these groundbreaking techniques, making you in demand in the marketplace today!

Raymond Aaron’s FOREWORD

As you might have noticed these days, the evolution of society goes at a tremendous speed; globalization, the latest technology, the change of consumers’ tastes, and many more unforeseen events and circumstances have had major impacts on the job market. It’s getting harder to work for the same company for the rest of your life. The only constant in this fast-paced environment is change. As a graduate or undergraduate with maybe a few years’ experience, how are you able to embrace that uncertainty in the job market? You can’t feel safe, but never before have there been so many opportunities in the market place. Even with these difficulties, there are ways to get a big raise guaranteed and accelerate your career so that you can get the promotion you want. 

Frantz Forestal, the new generation’s leader, has not only been able to unlock the rules of the game on paper, but he has also done it himself. Using his advice and unconventional methods, he has been teaching many clients to swim with the current job market situation and be on the top of the wave for the first 10 years of their career. This book should not be optional—it should be a must buy for any newcomers in the marketplace.

With this powerful book in your hands, you can develop your unique competitive advantage.

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Raymond Aaron
NY Times Best-Selling Author